Saturday Workshop

In February, we held a complimentary workshop for members. The full-day workshop consisted of vocal exercises and introducing movements into performances in the morning, followed by a marvellous lunch, cooked for us by Chef Shannon. In the afternoon, we learnt an arrangement of ‘Hold back the river’ by James Bay and tried to put into practice what we had learnt.

The workshop was led by the wonderful, Sarah Geary, who quickly realised that movement is not something that Phoenix are good at - she certainly had her work cut out for her!

The workshop came about because of the excess funds received during the Covid Lockdown. Choir members voted on ways to use the funds for the benefit of members and the idea of holding a workshop was born. All the members who attended seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

We are seeking feedback from members, and, if desired, we will look for future opportunities to arrange further workshops.

Thank you ever so much to Sarah and Shannon who worked so hard and made the day so enjoyable.

Below are some pictures of the event.