Happy New Year!

Here we are the start of a brand new year – and hopefully, this one will not be interrupted by Pandemics (fingers crossed!)

We have already dived straight into rehearsals. We are performing at the Beaconsfield Festival of Choirs (Beaconsfield Festival Of Choirs - Home) on 5 March, so there are only a few short weeks left to perfect our three songs and learn the communal ones. It will be so good to perform again as we have missed it so much.

We have been joined by several new members recently – Welcome to you all!

If you are thinking about joining us, or are still looking for your New Year’s challenge, why not come along for a session and see what we are all about? We are particularly looking for tenors and basses at the moment – our poor bass section is almost (not quite) a one-man band and some support would be really welcome – details are in the How to join section. Remember - there is no audition!

We have big plans for 2022. We are trying to organise a workshop day which will focus on aspects of singing and performance. We are hoping some of the wonderful professionals that we have met through Yulia will be available to improve our diction, dynamics and singing techniques.

We also have a Family and Friends concert planned for October. Covid-19 has meant that this concert is well over due and we can’t wait to share all our new material with you all. A lot of this new material was learnt over Zoom whilst singing along at home individually – and its amazing how many different versions of the same song are possible when you finally get to sing it all together for the first time! However, practice makes perfect and we’ll be ‘practically perfect’ by the performance (hopefully!).

Let’s hope this year allows us to rehearse more, perform more, party more and make more friends.